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Huge S/O to our boy @brianwilsonct x @thegarden x @justintimberlake for this fire silhouette. 
Check Out The Full Story Behind It- From @brianwilsonct - “I got the call for this project less than 2 weeks before the show day while having dinner with my girlfriend in Copenhagen. I designed the shoe on my phone while flying back to the US and when I touched down I started sending parts to @raleighrestorations so we could begin the prototype. Once they were all complete, I flew with them to NYC so @econn_customscould apply the final stitching. The entire shoe was completed at 6am, day of the show on 10.24.18
I went back to my hotel, slept for 3 hrs and then headed to the MSG offices to present the pairs. While we were shooting press shots, and only 2 hours prior to doors, JT's team called in and let the staff know that under doctors orders Justin would not be cleared to perform. Everything came to an immediate halt and was postponed until last night. 
It was the most hectic and sleepless 13 days of my life. I went through every emotion and pushed myself into new territory. I could have never done this without Derrick and Eric's help. I most certainly could never have done this without @mattjew offering me the opportunity. 
Thankful, grateful, humbled, amazed, appreciative. 
On to the next idea...... 📷= @dxtrf